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    Coin Price 24h %

    Latest announcement Bi-Weekly Report Votes Finances Activity Live stream Trading Contests 9th Anniversary Series: Share Your Story with is about to celebrate its 9th anniversary. Over the past year, has achieved a huge breakthrough: over 10 million registered users and over $10 billion in single-day trading volume. We know that we could not have achieved this without the trust and support of every one of our users. A...

    Tags: Read: 199 Create Time: 13 min ago HODL & Earn: Lock OLV To Earn 150% APR(Phase 1)

    The OLV Lock-up & Earn #1 will launch at 8:00 UTC on May 21 at 's“HODL& Earn”, with an estimated reward of 150% P.A. The HODL Link: Join HODL & Earn Telegram group: Rules of OLV Lock-up & Earn...

    Tags: Read: 217 Create Time: 16 min ago

    Celebrate Our 9th-Anniversary Rebranding and Split a $9,000,000 Prize Pool

    From 2013 to 2022, has been focused on top priorities such as secure transactions of crypto assets, the progress of decentralization, and the construction of high-performance blockchain. In 9 years of our existence we have made outstanding achievements such as ranking top 5 in global cry...

    Tags: Read: 2048 Create Time: 31 min ago

    Send Your Best Quote, Be The Gate Influencer

    Duration: May 17th - May 31st, 2022 (UTC) Who can join: - Everyone who has the ability to influence others to interact with the crypto world is welcome, such as social media influencers, bloggers, chat owners. - KOLs with over 500 followers on omni-channel social media and accounts , such as:...

    Tags: Read: 3158 Create Time: 4 hours 41 min ago 9th's Treasure Puzzle, Win $13,500 Prize Pool

    Time flies by, and in the blink of an eye, officially celebrates its ninth anniversary. The booming blockchain era and its own unremitting efforts have made it a safe, reliable and trustworthy world's top trading platform. In order to thank millions of users for their long-term support and...

    Tags: Read: 13279 Create Time: 13 hours 55 min ago Pizza Day! Trade to Win $52,200 in Prizes!

    On May 22nd, 2022, the cryptocurrency industry once again celebrates "BTC Pizza Day", and on this symbolic day, is launching this event where users can make futures trading and win $52,200! Duration: May 17th, 2022 10:00 - May 26th, 2022 10:00 UTC Event Form:

    Tags: Read: 19123 Create Time: 14 hours 53 min ago

    Meet 9th Anniversary Birthday Party Live Streaming. Ask questions to win rewards! has accompanied blockchain enthusiasts around the world for nine years. During this time, has also become a lasting and trustworthy trading platform. All achievements are inseparable from the support of users, which has been a huge motivation for us to move forward. On this occasion,...

    Tags: Read: 5716 Create Time: 15 hours 35 min ago Influencer Interview #6, Waiting for You to Get Rewards

    The Influencer Interview #6 will open at Chatroom at 16:00 UTC on May 19th to discuss questions. You are welcome to join us for unique insights about Crypto World. Come to grab a $10 Points Card by asking questions. Airdrops Also Come Along. The Influencer Interview #6 event Period: May...

    Tags: Read: 4994 Create Time: 17 hours 20 min ago Blog:Luna Chain Reaction Poses Significant Capital Loss, and the Security of DeFi Financial Products Initiates Dispute

    【TL; DR】 1. According to the falling market on May 12, the quotation of Chainlink oracle failed and ended at $0.107. 2. As the on-chain price information could not be updated in time, the two DeFi lending protocols that worked closely with Chainlink were damaged. One lost $14.2 million an...

    Tags: LUNA,UST Read: 18073 Create Time: 18 hours 20 min ago Scheduled BTC&USD Margined Perps Trading Engine Upgrade (Starts 17 May, 14:00 UTC) is going to upgrade and optimize the BTC and USD margined Perps trading engine from 14:00 – 14:10 UTC on 17 May, 2022. The upgrading will take about 10 minutes and partial service of BTC and USD margined perpetual contracts trading will be unavailable during the process. There might be tra...

    Tags: BTC, USD, futures, upgrade Read: 7687 Create Time: 18 hours 55 min ago

    New User Exclusive, Register & Invite Friend to Grab Startup Whitelist for Free!

    We have an exciting offer for new users. Just register for a account and you can become a VIP user for free, so you can grab Startup whitelist, participate in Startup and enjoy a trading fee discount! Activity Period: May 17 - May 31 09:00 (UTC) , 2022 JOIN NOW For New...

    Tags: Read: 14719 Create Time: 19 hours 15 min ago HODL & Earn: Lock KINT To Earn 150% APR(Phase 5)

    The KINT Lock-up & Earn #5 will launch at 8:00 UTC on May 19 at 's“HODL& Earn”, with an estimated reward of 150% P.A. The HODL Link: Join HODL & Earn Telegram group: Rules of KINT Lock-up & Ear...

    Tags: Read: 5346 Create Time: 21 hours 39 min ago Completed Permission (ASK) Token Migration

    According to the Permission (ASK) team, Permission Coin (ASK) is migrating to Polygon. has completed the token migration and token swap for users. The new Permission Coin (ASK) token deposits and withdrawals are available now. Please note, supports the new ASK token withdrawals an...

    Tags: ASK,Permission Read: 7094 Create Time: 22 hours 15 min ago HODL & Earn: Lock STEPG To Earn 150% APR(Phase 1)

    The STEPG Lock-up & Earn #1 will launch at 8:00 UTC on May 18 at 's“HODL& Earn”, with an estimated reward of 150% P.A. The HODL Link: Join HODL & Earn Telegram group: Rules of STEPG Lock-up & E...

    Tags: Read: 4791 Create Time: 22 hours 20 min ago HODL & Earn: Lock BRWL To Earn 150% APR(Phase 2)

    The BRWL Lock-up & Earn #2 will launch at 8:00 UTC on May 18 at 's“HODL& Earn”, with an estimated reward of 150% P.A. The HODL Link: Join HODL & Earn Telegram group: Rules of BRWL Lock-up & Ear...

    Tags: Read: 5231 Create Time: 22 hours 44 min ago Has Launched Liquidity Mining Pool For (Zipmex Token) ZMT/USDT (Normal Trading Mode) and Added An Extra Time-Limited Reward of 4,377 ZMT to it has launched a liquidity mining pool (in Normal Trading Mode) for ZMT/USDT trading pair and added an extra time-limited bonus of 4,377 ZMT to it respectively at 25th 12:00 o’clock. Users who join the ZMT liquidity mining pool can earn double the rewards including “Normal Handling F...

    Tags: Read: 4540 Create Time: 22 hours 59 min ago

    Daily SharkFin Launched: Get An Annualized Yield of Up To 16%! will launch a Daily BTC & USDT SharkFin with an annualized yield of 3%~16%. It will be available for subscription starting from 04:00 on May 17th to 04:00 on May 18th UTC. The total position reaches 300 BTC and 8,000,000 USDT, the lock-up period is 7 days, and the price range is $29,000...

    Tags: BTC,USDT Read: 3472 Create Time: 23 hours 57 min ago

    Exclusive $10,000 Contract Bonus for TikTokers

    Take exams and win $10,000 in Futures bonus. Campaign Duration: May 16th - May 23rd, 2022 (UTC) Please fill in the form: Rules: - Complete the quizzes with the correct answers. Each correct answer stands for 1 point. Those who get over 7 points have a s...

    Tags: Read: 10491 Create Time: 1 days 11 hours ago Startup Free Offering: Market Making Pro (MMPRO) and Announcement of Free Distribution Rules( 307,968 MMPRO free of charge) — Defi platform for market-making and investment

    About Startup Free Airdrop Program In order to reward platform users, launched the "Startup Project Free Airdrop Program", and free airdrops for blockchain excellent projects are launched in the Startup area from time to time. VIP and GT users can get a variety of tokens airdrop bene...

    Tags: MMPRO Read: 16918 Create Time: 1 days 14 hours ago Blog:The Founder of Azuki Reveals His Rug-Pull Experience, Resulting in the Floor Price of Azuki Halved

    【TL; DR】 1. On May 10, Zagabond, founder of Azuki, published an article detailing his entrepreneurial experience, which triggered unrest in the Azuki community and caused a halved floor price. 2. In the article, Zagabond said he was involved in three projects: CryptoPhunks, Tendies and Cr...

    Tags: Read: 19249 Create Time: 1 days 17 hours ago APP APP 2.0 APP 2.0
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